Hi everyone, I’m Laura, the maker behind Blue Bridge House. 

Just a few words about myself…I’m a half French, half Irish textile artisan. I have been in the dance and academic world for most of my life before deciding to take the big leap into my other creative passion!

I founded Blue Bridge House in O’Briensbridge, a small village in Co Clare, Ireland, on the banks of the river Shannon before moving into my new Studio in the heart of the vibrant area of The Liberties in Dublin 8.

Blue Bridge House happened a little out of the blue and became the biggest chunk of my life (basically took over!) and I am so very grateful for it.

I love playing with ideas that can help to produce less waste, reuse, change our habits and consume differently, while looking for materials that are truly kind to both humans and the environment.

I do spend a lot of time on the sourcing of my fabrics, accessories & packaging, always trying to improve and find what I believe are the best ethical and environmentally friendly options out there – it really matters to me.

Of course I love trying out new ideas! Making new things is always exciting (even if they don’t work out as I had first imagined – it’s just part of the process!).