” Making wellies is not easy, but our passion for over 15 years has been to create the most sustainable, handmade and fashionable wellies available. It doesn’t make a difference is you are attending a festival, gardening, mucking out or walking, we want you to feel fab while your getting muddy.

We are proud to be able to use our industry knowledge to create the very best rubber mix for your wellies, on par with that of the market leading brands, but just 100% funkier! It’s important from start to finish that we are sustainable and eco friendly, so all our natural rubber is sustainably sourced from the best rubber plantations in the world….and our packaging, well this is all 100% recycled and eco friendly too.

It’s a fact you may not be aware of, but it takes 65 people to make your wellies….a process that requires great skill and precision. We employ ALL our welly creators in our very modern factory in China…and we care for every single member of the team. We can guarantee that!

As a market leading supplier and manufacturer, supplying our designs to over 15 countries around the globe, we understand the style and construction required by you….so you can rest assured your new wellies will be perfect! “