Little Red

” If mermaids had a beauty secret, it would be seaweed. Hand-picked and harvested off the West Coast of Ireland, our carrageen moss is an ancient traditional Irish cure, full of nutrients and minerals that can restore and maintain the beauty and health of our body.

When applied in a cream, carrageen moss is a naturally hydrating and detoxifying skin food. The antimicrobial and antiviral properties of this seaweed help to ease chapped skin, dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis; soothing any irritations. Carrageen moss aids skin cell renewal, thus counteracting premature ageing by smoothing wrinkles. It leaves your skin soft with a silky finish.”

“Having grown up in the West of Ireland means that the wild Atlantic coast holds a special place in my heart. My love affair with seaweed began with munching chewy, salty dillisk from brown paper bags on sunny childhood days at Lahinch promenade. Now that I live in County Cork, I am proud to be using sustainable Atlantic Irish seaweed as my signature ingredient in Little Red Skincare.

With a degree in mechanical engineering, I worked for a spell as a process engineer in the aeronautical sector. My favourite aspect of this job was formulating material compositions for the repair of aircraft engines. Through various trials, I was responsible for establishing the optimum ratios of the different powder metal combinations, & for seeking industrial approval for such formulations.

Applying this empirical, scientific expertise to devising skincare recipes, without using cosmetic bases, I have designed and developed a range that is both effective and – I hope you will find – pleasing to the senses. With a love of all things pure and natural, I use the finest raw, organic ingredients to create products that will both nourish and protect your skin. Each batch is hand-crafted with care in my workshop in the mountains. I hope that you enjoy using them as much as I love making them”


“At Little Red we are passionate about all things pure and health-giving, and believe in using Mother Nature’s bounty to heal our bodies from the outside as well as from within. Hence we use Atlantic Irish seaweed and the very best of organic ingredients to work their magic and nourish even the most sensitive of skins. “