” To produce one pair of MUD Jeans we use 581 litres of water, compared to an industry standard of 7,000 litres. So, your jeans save 6,419 litres of water. This is made possible by the water recycling plants and innovative washing techniques at our factories. “


” MUD Jeans are carbon neutral. Producing one pair of MUD Jeans emits 7,14kg of CO2. This is 70% less than industry standard. The savings come from the use of low energy production techniques, land and water transportation and the use of recycled cotton. Our efforts don’t stop here, since 2016 we’ve been offsetting our emissions and are therefore carbon neutral. Read the full BLUEdot report here. “


” On average a pair of MUD Jeans uses 47% less land than industry standard. Land occupation, whether urban or agricultural, has an impact on natural land and its ecosystems. A pair of MUD Jeans only uses 5,16 m2a of which 99% is agricultural land. By using up to 40% recycled cotton in our jeans we are able to lower our use of organic cotton and by extension our use of land and impact on biodiversity. “


” We’ve already turned 20,000 jeans into new denim. With our take-back scheme we collect jeans that consist of more than 96% cotton. In collaboration with the denim experts at Recover and Tijedos Royo in Valencia new denim fabrics are made, containing 40% post-consumer recycled cotton. “