The Badge Of Shame Company

“The company is being set-up by me, Lauren. I’m a good human who believes in the power of being a good human. I like making things and dreaming dreams. I’ve been going through a bit of a life transition recently – retiring from a sport I loved and consequently losing an identity that I didn’t realise was so important to me. And it got me thinking, really thinking…

We need to be kinder. Kinder to ourselves, to each other and to our planet.

And it was from these thoughts that Badge of Shame Company was born. Historically Badges of Shame were forced upon people for the purpose of public humiliation and persecution. These mandatory badges had specific meanings, indicated by their shape and colour, to characterise something considered shameful. Our intention is to flip that on its head and celebrate kindness, inclusion and equality by projecting positive messages on our gender neutral clothing range.

We’re going to be kinder too

To ourselves: All of our Tees promote positive messages.

To each other: We pledge to support non-profit organisations by donating 10% of charity Tee profits to charities that work to support humans in need.

To our Planet: We support sustainable fashion – All of our Tees are made from 100% ethical organic cotton, GOTS accredited, PETA Vegan approved, fairwear foundation members. Printed in the UK.

I hope with The Badge of Shame Company we can spread messages of kindness, inclusion and equality through high quality custom-designed and printed clothing.”