Carbon Off-Set Initiatives

It’s not enough to operate as sustainably as possible, so we also invest in programs that offset the emissions we’ve created. To address our carbon footprint we’ve partnered with Climate Neutral. This means measuring our greenhouse gas emissions footprint, purchasing carbon credits to offset that footprint, and implementing plans to reduce emissions moving forward.


This means your Wolvens are carbon–neutral (yay!). These carbon credits support a range of projects such as rainforest conservation and landfill methane-capture.


Rest assured that we’re doing everything we can to deliver a product with the lowest possible impact.

Our Mission

When we say we want to Make Sustainability Sexy, we truly mean it. We are a team of artists and activists, working to reduce the negative footprints on our earth. Our sustainability practices are rooted in mindfulness and the power of choice — from day-to-day decisions to major resolutions. We believe that a collective effort of sustainability has the ability to change our trajectory towards a healthier, more verdant planet. See? Sexy.



Pounds of plastic make their way
into our oceans each year.



Plastic bottles disposed
every hour in America alone.



Number of recycled post–consumer bottles in each Wolven legging.

Recycled PET

OEKO-Tex Certified Recycled P.E.T.

An innovative, versatile fabric created by breaking down discarded plastics and recycling them into textiles and apparel. Breathable, incredibly soft, and durable.

Why It’s Important

Multiple LCA’s (life-cycle analysis) have found that producing recycled-PET generates substantially less carbon emissions than its virgin counterpart. Climate scientists agree that reducing carbon emissions is our single most important objective to reduce catastrophic climate change.

An estimated 14 billion pounds of garbage is dumped into the ocean annually, 80 percent of which is a form of plastic that is killing marine life and damaging delicate ecosystems. Since plastics are indestructible, it’s vital that we find ways to reuse them — so we’re giving that plastic bottle a second life while substantially reducing carbon emissions.

Carbon Neutral Modal Fabric

A cellulose fiber derived from beechwood pulp that’s twice as soft as cotton (really, really soft). Our modal fabrics are produced from wood-pulp fibers that are sustainably harvested, and our modal garments are sewn in downtown Los Angeles.

Why It’s Important

Beech trees propagate and regenerate naturally, so no artificial irrigation or planting is required—making beechwood forests a completely natural and more sustainable source of raw material. These carbon-neutral fibers require no toxic pesticides, no clear-cut farm land to grow, and substantially less water than cotton. Win-win.

Did you know that a number of our garments start their life as a tree? Our fabrics are produced more responsibly to ensure a lower environmental impact.


While there is no perfect solution to eco-friendly packaging, we keep our packaging as minimal and low-impact as we can. Our pieces are wrapped with a minimal piece of hemp twine and arrive to you in a reusable, 100% recycled poly mailer or bio-degradable paper box. We have considered choosing biodegradable poly mailers, but have made the choice to stick with recycled-poly, because the reality is that most biodegradable mailers made from bioplastic end up in the garbage and then a landfill, and may never have the opportunity to properly biodegrade.