MUD JEANS – Sophie skirt – Undyed


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The Sophie Rocks takes a sustainable twist on an essential denim piece. The high-waisted A-line denim skirt has a flattering fit and finishes an outfit in 5 seconds.
The jeans are entirely undyed. Skipping the dyeing stage makes them extra sustainable. They get their grayish blue colour from the combination of recycled and virgin cotton.

Through recycling old jeans, using organic cotton and eliminating toxic chemicals, such as PP-spray, our jeans are better for the environment.

Less water

Innovative production and dyeing techniques allow us to save water throughout our supply chain. Our fabric and jeans partners recycle 100% of their production water, eliminating environmental pollution. Our Tunisian jeans partner filters the water through reversed osmosis, the residue is used to create building materials.

See what your jeans save, compared to industry standards. Measured by Ecochain, from Cradle To Gate.

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