Mission Mercantile


Well beyond producing extraordinary and lasting products with venerable craftsmanship and old-world manufacturing techniques, we seek to build genuine and lasting connections with the Mission Men and Women our remarkable leather products are designed to serve.

Today, Mission Mercantile exists to carry those uncompromising personal standards of quality and integrity into the future through the remarkable, vegetable and chrome tanned leather goods crafted with carefully selected 100% full grain steerhides that bear our name. And, the dedicated level of service we provide to the customers who value the unique virtues and features of these fine offerings.


We are one of very few brands worldwide that own our supply chain 100%. We operate our two workshops, one near San Antonio, TX and our primary shop called Blue Artisan (located in Leon, MX) deep in the world-renowned old Mexico leather region. Within just a few miles of Blue Artisan is a cornucopia of dozens of tanneries, textile and hardware suppliers. Leon is also blessed with a rich history and supply of truly remarkable, generational leather craftsmen / craftswomen many of whom we are blessed to call “family” (our team). We handcraft for not only our own brand, but also over two dozen other remarkable brand names.


Our exhaustive attention to detail and quality control means that every single stitch and hammer is carefully considered, utilizing only authentic materials, chosen with longevity in mind. This means any needed repairs can be made well into the future by experienced craftsmen. This is what we call Mission-Built for Life.


Our promise is that all Mission Mercantile products are made for many lifetimes, designed to improve with age, accumulating distinction and character as future heirlooms worthy of being passed down for generations.

Like the shopkeeper behind the mercantile store counter, we stand proudly behind every single one of the remarkable leather good offerings that we sell, guaranteeing them unconditionally while holding a place for you in our ledger.

Chuck Bowen
Founder & Mission Man

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