HAWAII is a cult epitome for athletes, adventurers, those seeking peace and quiet, romantics – and for a relaxed and positive attitude to life. Varied nature with rainforests, mountains and dream beaches, hula hula and island beauties with flower wreaths in their hair are unmistakably Hawaiian. Inspired by formative surfing legends brings that WAVE in the brand name the Aloha Spirit to you with tested and high-quality feel-good products.

Since we like to be in nature, this is of course very important to us. That’s why we would like to please you with product ideas that use natural and sustainable raw materials – with the cleanest possible ecological footprint.

WAVE HAWAII is for everyone who isn’t satisfied with just following any trends. WAVE HAWAII is our lifestyle, our DNA. With the sun in my heart. Life is great!

We feel at home here in the middle of nature. But we also like to travel to discover the beauty and charm of different places.

And when we’re not on the road, we like to dream of these beautiful places – e.g. Hawaii, the nice people there and the fantastic nature with mountains, forests and the sea with bright sandy beaches and awesome waves.

With this inspiration we started 2014 to share our ideas and our style. We love nature, we love sports, we love the sun, we love positive people, we love our kids and love life. We listen to music with real guitars. Our dogs are allowed to join in the office. Honestly? Sometimes doing nothing is a blessing – and not a waste of time.

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